Monday, May 27, 2013

My Fish Tank

  • white printing paper-for the fish tank (one sheet makes 2)
  • construction paper in different colors: 
              brown, beige, black for the aquarium rocks
              green for the aquarium plants
              orange, blue, yellow, purple(or color of your choice) for the fish
  • glue
  1. Cut out the fish tank shapes.Fold printing paper in half, then fold in half again.Trace the fish tank shape and cut it out.This way you can make 2 fish tank shapes
  2. Prepare 3 boxes, one for the fish, one for the aquarium plants, and one for the rocks. Cut out the rocks, plants and fish shapes and put them into the boxes by items.  For aquarium plants, fold the green paper in half, trace the shape and cut it out. Template shapes are just for reference only. If you are comfortable cutting out the shapes without template, you may also cut them out freehand.
  1. Tell the children they are going to do a fish tank project. Discuss with the children what are in the fish tank. Encourage them to think about other things in the fish tank beside fish.
  2. Pass the fish tank to each child. Children will go to the 3 boxes and find the items they want in their fish tanks.

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