Sunday, April 7, 2013

Snail--Paper Craft Project

 A fun and easy paper craft project.

  • lightweight paper in several different colors for snail
  • green paper for leaves(could be lightweight or heavyweight paper)
  • pencils
  • white glue
1. Use the template A to cut out the snail bodies.
2. Use the template B to cut out the leaves
3. Prepare a photo of a snail.

1. Show a photo of the snail and talk about how snails look like.
2. Tell the children that they are going to make a snail with paper
3. Demonstrate how to roll the snail body strip with a pencil.
    Tips: Roll the paper from the side marked with a star.
4. Pass the snail body strip and pencil to children.
    Could be hard for children 2 to 3 years old, so assist children to roll the paper if necessary.
5. When snail body is rolled, glue it on a leaf to complete the project.

Other ideas:
* Use patterned paper for snail body or leaf for fun visual effect.
* Tell children to draw the details to the leaf with marker, crayons, etc before gluing the snail.


  1. Nice! I'll try this tomorrow with my ESL kids in Siberia. They're in the 4-5 year age bracket.

  2. This looks great and is excellent for fine motor with a creative snail at the end. I know my class are going to love making this. Thank you